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The purpose of setting up Sports Skill council is to aggregate the efforts of the Sports sector for employable workforce development and Institutional Capacity Building of the existing training providers. Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skill Council (SPEFL-SC) will complement the existing education system for the Sports and Physical Education in meeting the entire value chain’s requirements of appropriately trained manpower in quantity and quality across all levels on a sustained and evolving basis.
Develop a skills repository for the Sports Sector: a) Conduct comprehensive mapping/s for the Sports sector to identify, enlist and address the skills gaps in the sector especially for the grassroots sports promotion which will supply medal prospects for the future. b) Develop a well structured sector specific Labour Market Information System (LMIS) which supports the skills training planning and execution. c) Continuously develop and upgrade the competency frameworks of each in accordance with industry needs and global best practices. To build an organization that can develop a) Standards, evaluation criterion and accreditation systems for providing multiple and varied technical skills in the sports sector including employability skills, to both men and women, as well as challenged persons with regular and direct inputs from industry. b) Create opportunities for Training of Trainers in both the content and pedagogy for imparting the skills trainings in close coordination with employers Quality Assurance a) Develop and promote a standardized, output oriented and quality assured affiliation and accreditation process. b) Focus on the improvisation of the training delivery value chain, i.e training process, training of trainers, curriculum design, industry endorsement for certification etc. c) Partner with training providers and guide them into becoming centre’s of excellence and innovation by utilizing the standardization in training, evaluation and certification. Integration of Technology in Training a) To create a sustainable and technologically advanced platform for collection, catalogue and exchange of industry data, workforce data, welfare data and career related data across the whole industry segment called the “labour market information system (LMIS)”. b) To provide effective real-time connects between the job providers and job seekers through the LMIS and industry interfaces.

Fitness Trainer

Eligibility Min -Class XII Max- Graduate in Physical Education
Description Fitness Trainer is also known as Gym trainer, Trainer or Gym Coach or Fitness coach. Individuals in this role are involved in the physical training of others through various fitness activities. The responsibilities of a Fitness trainer include to help trainees of all ages, shape and sizes to get healthier and achieve desired fitness levels through focused exercises and activities.
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Eligibility Min -10th class/be able to swim Max- Graduate
Description Lifeguards are also known as pool guard, beach lifeguard or lifesavers. Lifeguards work at swimming pools, beaches and inland waterways to keep swimmers safe. Individuals in this role would observe and supervise swimming areas to prevent accidents. Responsibilities include making swimmers aware of dangerous situations, and in an emergency carrying out a rescue procedure.
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Sports Coach

Eligibility Min- Class XII Max- Graduate Must have participated in district/ state level in any sport, should have basic knowledge 2-3 other sports
Description A sports coach is also known as sports teacher, coach or sports instructor. Individuals in this role are involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople. Responsibilities include planning, preparing schedules and activities, delivery of instructions and monitoring of coaching programmes and sessions
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Sports Masseur

Eligibility Min -Class XII preferably with Biology Max- Graduate in Physical Education/Massage Techniques
Description The Sports masseur is also known as sports therapist or or massage therapist or sports massager. The responsibilities of the Sports Masseurs include manipulating muscle tissues to release tension, reduce pain, restore range ofmovement, ensure timely recovery and promote good body condition usually under the supervision of a medical doctor or a physiotherapist
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