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About the Portal

The NEIndiaWorkforce provides the platform for connecting Industries , Government & Learners by accepting their challenges and provide assistance to them.

How the portal help?

We the team at backend will listen to challenges of Industries and Learners and map them to the industries/government who can provide solutions to the challenges

Our Audience?

People seeking assistance related to profession like Students, Labours, Housewifes, villagers. Industries/Institutes seeking manpower /trainees and Government seeking the analysis of courses /Training

It is very easy to find the details for a particular course and find the number of institutes offering that particular course along with the openings in all institutes. The links are available on header link named as Industry Sectors and Careers.
The user or tainee first needs to register themselves with the portal. After registration the user needs to update the profile which will then be apprved by three level authority by verifying the authenticity of user. Once the user is authenticated the link for Apply Course will be there on dashboard of user.
There is a three step approval process where the Evaluating Authority, Recommending Authority and Approving Authority will authenticate the trainee applying for any course.
We have various courses available for us which even the women can apply. Apparel & Fashion Design is one such example.
There is Signup link on the top of the header where the option will be there to Register either as Trainee or Training Provider. To register as trainee select the Trainee from drop down list and fill the form with basic details.
The user once register will need to complete profile by login with the username and password selected. Then on completion of profile the three step approval for verifying the authenticity of user will take place by our internal team.
The links on header will be provided to apply for various training courses by knowing the complete details of course along with the details of Institutes/Industries who offer those courses and capacity offered by each institutes/Industries.
There is a link available on home page which give details of all future events in various industries along with the past events details .
There is Signup link on the top of the header where the option will be there to Register either as Trainee or Training Provider. To register as industries/Training provider select the link from drop down list and fill the form with basic details.
Yes, we will follow the same three level authorization for Industries too in order to check the authenticity of Industries along with the number of courses offered with maximum capacity.
The link is available on header to change the courses and these need to have approval from government before the course become available for end users.
There will be a link on the dashboard as well as header to check the status of applications submitted by industries
The government of the state will be given rights to check the profile of Industries registered and the courses with capacity.
The government can get the status of various courses offered in its state. Can check the current enrolments for training, Profile of trained workforce in state.
The government also can organize events and the event details will appear on home page of portal and any one can join based on their preference.
Government will provide scholarship to trainees by choosing the profile of trainees from Industries/ Institutes in order to encourage them and boost their confidence and support them financially.

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