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Underlying Philosophy of Systems Architecture and Design

  1. Always available Cloud Based System to Connect & Engage Trainees, Training Centers, Industries & Skill Mission Teams
  2. Enriched User Centric Information Dashboards with intuitive drilldowns, electronic traces as evidences to facilitate cognition, context, progress and end-to-end visualization of scenarios
  3. Embedded forms in the backdrop of an intuitive BlackBoard System Architecture for entry/update of information on field operations – training, certification, placement, sources & application of funds, progress, outcomes and results
  4. Interfaces design to induce and encourage interaction to update offline activities and outcomes, as also optionally provide for process based online transactions
  5. An associated IndiaSkillPedia portal with contributed and crowd sourced collection of Knowledge Resources
    • with emphasis on practices, behavioral anchors, inspirational anectodes for imbibing values, success stories, tested and validated practices and
    • professional approach to upgrading Skills and Life long learning, contribution to Productivity and Growth
  6. Evolving an EcoSystem to
    • Engage and handhold trainees and industries to bridge the skill gap
    • facilitate initiatives and enhance performances of Skill Mission Teams
    • enable convergence and uniform framework for planning and executing programmes / schemes
  7. Invest in Communities to connect and encourage industries participation to partner in Skilling, Entrepreneurial ventures and sustain operations associated with Skill Mission


INDIASKILLPEDIA FOUNDATION – Group that Designs Conducive Conditions for Skilling and Technology Applications !

We Adopt Five #(hash) Tag Principles and Practice them To promote Skilling, Empowerment and Growth !!

  • Embracing and demonstrating cognitive approaches to enhance methodical thinking and planning
  • Facilitating promotion of attitudes that enable knowledge acquisition, skill building and life long learning
  • Research and dissemination of methods to nurture professional behaviors at all times
  • Reinforcing procedures & practices that promote result focussed actions and executions
  • Designing and enriching environments for interactions to enhance self learning, innovation & sustaining excellence